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Initial Capital is an investor in seed and early-stage technology companies with a focus on games, consumer services and technology enablers. We're not a traditional VC fund - we're a group of serial entrepreneurs who invest our own money and actively partner with world class teams to build global category winners.


Based out of London and Silicon Valley, we've played a key part in growing companies like Glu Mobile ($350M IPO in 2007), Playfish ($400M sale to EA in 2009) and Supercell (Finland-based global leader in iOS-based games).


Early stage fund raising is not just about money. It's about finding the best team around you to help with the ups and downs of the business and get ongoing advice on everything from product and tech to recruitment and growth. We know because we've been there.

We are building a new kind of gaming experience for tablets and other touch devices.

Our investments

We love working with our portfolio companies

Armada Interactive

Armada Interactive is set out to lead the core market with born-mobile AAA, freemium, real-time multiplayer experiences.


WINKO Games is forging highly competitive RPGs for core players – bringing deeper gaming experiences to mobile users.


BUX is a trading app that makes trading on the financial markets accessible for everybody. Join the Big Boys!

Code Kingdoms

Code Kingdoms is an online platform for kids to learn to code.


Traplight is a game studio from Tampere, Finland and focusing on bringing user-generated content games to mobile platforms.

Dazzle Rocks

Dazzle Rocks makes social mobile games base on original digital IP for the converging East Asian and Western Markets.


Oppex is a search engine for public sector bidding contests.


Umbra is on a mission to display any 3D content on any device in real time.

Resolution Games

Resolution Games is focusing on creating accessible, fun games that everyone can enjoy – pushing the limits of the emerging VR games space.

Ministry of Games

Ministry are a mobile gaming development company. Industry veterans; they design and build mobile-first games.


Quikkly Tags - making the real world clickable.


Bringing about intelligent ambient awareness to humankind.


GIF Keyboard by Riffsy - The easiest way to share GIFs everywhere.

Super Evil Megacorp

Super Evil Megacorp seeks to destroy the productivity of mankind with endlessly entertaining, core games on tablets.


AppGyver creates rapid mobile app development platform for web developers.


Hutch develops action-packed visually stunning games for smartphone and tablet devices.

JuiceBox Games

JuiceBox Games builds games with soul to deliver the best entertainment experiences.


Supersolid creates charming and engaging games for a wide range of tablets and mobile devices.

Space Ape Games

We’re a small, high-performing team with big aspirations to make the highest quality and most successful games on your smart phone and tablet.


Supercell is building a new kind of gaming experience for tablets and other touch devices.

Better Doctor

BetterDoctor offers simple to use web and mobile apps that let you find the right doctor in minutes.


Communication that just works. Any country. Any volume. Any scale. Connect to phones globally in minutes using Nexmo’s SMS and Voice APIs


Yazino develops synchronous, multiplayer social casino games for web, smartphones and tablets.


Brainbow turns knowledge into games. We believe mobile and tablets are the best platforms to keep your brain active.

Grey Area

We are obsessed with making the best mobile games in the world.


The creator of coffee break eSports - team multiplayer games for mobile.

Hauler Deals

HAULERS: those who hunt for amazing fashion, gather their favorites and share it with the world!


Our mission with BERG Cloud is to make it as easy to develop connected hardware as it is to develop for the web.


eeGeo is creating a mapping platformfor the mobile age.


OnGage is the word’s 1st email delivery market place. Harness the strength of multiple ESPs and SMTP relay vendors from one email marketing hub, including SMS marketing.


SWRVE are redefining the way we think about how mobile apps are built and managed.


Plyfe is an automated marketing and rich media platform that uses fun mechanics to understand and influence audiences wherever they are.

We’re a small, high-performing team with big aspirations to make the highest quality and most successful games on your smart phone and tablet.
Space Ape Games

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